What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Update The Firmware Of Your Router?

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Do you have a wireless router to serve Wi-Fi in your house? Great! It means you are going as per latest technologies. Did you ever upgrade the firmware of your router anytime?

If yes, then you may easily teach others. Else, nothing to worry! Let’s learn about it in detail so that it may serve you the best.

Introduction to Firmware of Wireless Router

The firmware of your router consists of a specific design that tends to execute a special function. It is recommended in case you are using a multi-router firmware like DD-WRT.

In a usual manner, your manufacturer will be providing you updates for specific models of the router in usage.

This particular course of action may also be carried out with the help of a tool that is within the administrative console of the router. There are particular situations that demand to upgrade the firmware of a wireless router.

Some of the most common ones include the following:

  • Security feature – It is a good practice to update the firmware of the wireless router to fix vulnerability issues. An updated firmware is very much similar to system updates just like Microsoft Windows update. The moment bugs are found and corrected, firmware takes care of them.
  • To include new security mechanisms – Firmware update upgrades some features. Some of the most common ones include fixing of outdated encryption modules, adding new security mechanisms and many more.
  • Upgrading overall performance – Updating the firmware of your router will also contribute to enhancing the overall performance of the router. Otherwise, you can’t take advantages of speed boosting upgrades.

After getting to know about the benefits in association with upgrading the firmware of your router, it is high time to learn some of the best ways to perform the task of upgrading.

Best Ways to Upgrade the Firmware of Your Router

With high advancement in technology, updating the firmware of your router remains no more a painstaking task.

Below are some of the best ways to carry on with your task of upgrading your router:

  • Paying a visit to the website of Amped Wireless – The support section comprises of a drop-down menu from where you need to select the model name and number. Afterward, you will find some easy to follow steps.
  • Logging in to the console of the administrator – After you log in to the console of the administrator, you need to supply the IP address of the router. As IP addresses vary from one router to another, it is better to confirm the detail from the website of the wireless router.
  • Locating the firmware upgrade section – It is very much essential to locate the firmware of the upgraded section of administrator console. It will help a lot in easing the entire procedure at the best without causing any hassle.

Regardless of the procedure, you take into usage, it is better to ensure that downloads come from a trusted source or the manufacturer. It is a good practice to scan the file before moving ahead.

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