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Not all Data Recovery Software is cut for the job. They could be frustrating, rendering no result even after hours of work. And so, it has become immensely important that you use only the best for your OS. Choose a program that offers security, has quality, is compatible and easy to use along with offering Technical Support.

Now, where will you find such amazing recovery software for Windows? Right here. Yes, we have accumulated 8 best recovery software for Windows to be considered.

List of Windows Data Recovery Software: – 

  1. Stellar Phoenix – Its comprehensive and great support makes it the beloved of the experts. It can recover 300 file types, believe it or not. It allows you to save and resume a scan, thus saving you a lot of time. And it has an excellent technical support via various channels.
  2. Recuva – Recuva is a leader in the true sense. It can restore files from hard drives and external drives as well, unlike most of the recovery software. Also, it can rename two files with the same name during recovery. Its deep scan mode and easy user interface make it stand out in the crowd.
  3. TestDisk – This open source software has to be included whenever there is a discussion about best data recovery software for can fix the non-booting disks and recover lost partitions as well. It is power packed with the features that often overshadows the limelight of the other data recovery software.
  4. Remo Recover Windows – This software is almost as good as Stellar Phoenix. It recovers files, drives, and photos. If you are a photographer or a videographer, this software will come in really handy. And they have a wonderful Technical Support for their user.
  5. EaseUS – Primarily designed for recovering inaccessible files and damaged media for advanced users, it has come a long way. The recent updates have made it one of the best choices for the basic users. It can recover data even from the non-mounting, raw and corrupt partition.
  6. Data Rescue – Developed by Prosoft Engineering, this software has been among the preferred data recovery software for decades. It has a bundle of features that overwhelms the user. It is secured, easy to use and comes with a strong technical support.
  7. RecoverIt – Wondershare Data Recovery rebranded itself as RecoverIt. This software can recover over 550 file format. Sometimes, it can freeze while scanning. Apart from this one issue, this recovery software is one of the best for recovering data for Windows.
  8. iCare – Like the name suggests, this data recovery software really does care. It has three main recovery mode namely deleted file recovery, lost partition recovery, and deep scan recovery. So, if you are looking for a recovery software that can recover a document or rescue it from corrupted hard drives, this is the one for you.

We have listed just a handful of Data Recovery Software For Windows. You can look around and find the ones that suit your requirement from the numerous available ones, as in the above sentence I have mentioned that you need a good Technical Support as well, so as per I have analyzed you can go through this PC Data Recovery to know more about, How to recover data from your Windows. Hope this article will help you to get your issue resolved.

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