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Remote support is an integral part of the process of offering the much-needed assistance to the end consumers. It is your job to make the task of providing remote support for their issues hasslefree and simple for everyone.

Remote Technical Support Service is different for everyone. The tools used are different, users are different, and problems are different as well. But each of them is measured with just one factor- success. Here, I am putting together ten ways with which you can make remote support not only more comfortable but also thriving.


Most of the times, you get repeated end users with them popping up in your ticket queue time and over again. You should be consistent in your all over approach to them including the tools you use and instructions you impart. This is going to play a vital role in easing off the worries of your end users along with making your job easier.

The Right Tool

There are many tools like LogMeIn, Teamviewer, GoToMyPC, etc. for aiding in the process of Remote Technical Support Service. Each of them has different features and user interface. The trick is to pick the right tool with the easy user interface and to serve every relevant purpose. If one solution doesn’t work, apply more or multiple solutions until you find the solution.

Never Make End Users Panic

Avoid the phrases that might cause your end users to panic and make them believe that they are into a mess that will not be resolved. If you are not able to find the solution, don’t let the end user know that the matter is beyond your skills or that you have messed up. Let them know that you must escalate the matter to the support technician at the higher level. This will make your client believe that you are considering what’s best for their interest.

Use a headset or Bluetooth

Of, course, this doesn’t even need to be mentioned. This will not only be physically beneficial for you but will also ease the way you communicate with the client. You will not have to bend your neck or keep it held in your hands as that might cause pain and posture issues. Also, there will be considerable noise reduction, so, you will be able to understand them clearly and offer them better solutions.

Controlled Environment

For offering Remote Technical Support Service, you must be free of distractions and noise. This will not only tell your clients that they have all your attention, but you will also be able to understand the issue correctly. And then, it will be easier for you to offer relevant solutions. And don’t use public wifi unless you aren’t left with any other option. In short, you must be providing the remote support from a quiet place, probably your office and over a private wifi connection.

Point And Click

In the case of the frequently returning end users, you can add a separate support icon on their desktop. Or, you can also install a full version of remote support tools like TeamViewer. You can note down their user id and password and ask for their permission to get on their system. This will eliminate the need for their interaction every time you have to access their machine, and they will be aware that you will be working on their desktop. Thus, you will always be a double-click away.

Documenting The Calls

You must always keep a record of everything you do. When you are offering Remote Technical Support Service to so many, it is easy to forget what did you do to the machine of the last client or what solution worked with which particular issue. So, make a datewise file for every client, so you know what you did, to whose machine and when.

Reliable Connection

Remote support with a slow and unreliable connection could be very frustrating. You will be making the matter worse with a bad connection. It will make you look unprofessional, making your job challenging and you will end up giving more time to the clients than required.

Purchase The Software You Need

If you are serious about the Remote Technical Support Service work, you must not get away by using the free versions of the software you use. Buy the licensed versions of the software you often use. It will not only open you to various options but will also make your work easier.

Be Polite And Efficient

Don’t be rude to the end users and neither spend time chatting with them apart from the time when you are waiting for a process to be completed. And even then, keep your conversations short and sweet. Because the more you talk, the more time it will take to resolve an issue. And it will cost more to your client. This might drive them away. Hence, be polite to them and make small conversations if needed. Don’t get involved in long and in-depth discussions with them. Remember, you are here to offer them help and not develop a relationship with them.

Providing Remote Technical Support Service isn’t a difficult task if you keep these little things in mind. These tricks will smoothen your process, leaving you with satisfied customers in the end. The smooth process will also save you enough time to help a few more clients, thus adding a little more to your revenue each day.

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