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Windows Operating System has lots of advanced features including support for multiple users. A Windows PC can have multiple accounts for different users. But often, users are locked out of their account because of some technical glitch. On Windows 10 we can’t sign into your account is a common problem while accessing the specific account. It is an annoying bug and defeats the purpose of having multiple accounts on the same PC.

However, if you are having a problem in resolving we can’t sign in to your account Windows 10 error, then Support Numbers can help you. We have skilled professionals who will make sure you get your private files back.


Why Can’t You Sign Into Your Account On Windows


windows 10 we can't sign into your account


Windows has an inbuilt profile management system. It helps in maintaining different account users privilege and permission. At times, the profile management system corrupts because of some technical glitch in Windows IDE and results in we can’t sign in to your account Windows 10.

Even if you are providing correct credentials and Windows recognizes it, the system fails to sign into the account. The Winlogon service which is responsible for facilitating user sign-in breaks due to fragmentation in system files and simply refuses it. On Windows 10 we can’t sign into your account is a nasty bug and most of the times users are unable to retrieve their valuable files which are generally stored in user’s directory.

Since account privileges are user specific, you can’t access user files by signing into a different account. Having said that, there are certain ways to restore user account on Windows 10 so let us find out.


Steps To Fix Windows 10 We Can’t Sign Into Your


  • First of all, type your password and hit enter. If it shows, Windows 10 we can’t sign in to your account then dismiss the dialog box and click on the red button in the left corner. Then, click on Restart the computer option. Sometimes, restarting the PC fixes most of the issue.


  • Even after restarting if it throws the same error message, then sign in using a different account. Users report that security software is notorious for sign in errors. So, try disabling the antivirus through a different account and restart the computer. Now, see if you can log in from your account.


  • Additionally, Windows is unable to sign in when user folder is deleted from the system directory. Sign in through a different account and open C drive. Now, go to users directory and find the name of the user which you are trying to log in. If the user folder is not available, then create a folder. Right-click in the same window,  click on create a folder and rename it to the exact username of that particular account. Thereafter, it will ask for an administrator permission. Grant it and then restart the PC. Now, sign in and see if it works.


  • Further, to fix Windows 10 we can’t sign in to your account, sign into a temporary local account with administrator privileges. Alternatively, you can use a Microsoft account for quick sign in without creating a local account. Click on Windows and go to Control Panel. There, select Accounts and you will have a list of all Windows accounts linked to the PC. Click on the account you want to sign in and change the password. Changing passwords sometimes reinstate the profile into the system and then you can easily get back to your account.


  • Further, if you want to delete the locked profile and start afresh you can do so while you are in Microsoft account. Just click on the account and select Delete. it will ask for administrator permission, grant it. Do note that you will lose your user files through this process so proceed with caution.


Get Top-Notch Service And Fix Any Windows Issue

If you are still facing Windows 10 we can’t sign into your account, then Support Numbers can easily fix your Windows PC and recover the user files. We have a team of expert Windows technicians who have rigorous knowledge about Windows Operating System. At Support Numbers, we have inculcated a habit of fixing a wide range of PC issues in minimum time. You can always count on us for any Windows troubles.


Genuine Service

Be it your personal files or just the stability of the Operating System, we take every single thing seriously. Support Numbers do not compromise with service quality and consistently churn out service worth remembering. We have engineers who are top in class and have fixed Windows 10 we can’t sign into your account in the past. So don’t look any further, we will definitely recover your personal files and make Windows bug-free.


Service Within ETA

Support Numbers have a strict policy regarding service timing and can fix Windows issues within in no time. We do not put users on hold and make resolutions then and there. Therefore, you do not have to wait as we promise a super fast service.


Inexpensive Support

Support Numbers do not charge users high amount and provide flexible payment options. We are a cost-effective company which takes user budget into consideration and provide excellent support.


Contact Us And Recover Windows Account Instantly

If you are still facing Windows 10 we can’t sign in to your account, do not worry we are here to help you get your account back. We have an active helpline number in place, just call Support Numbers or send us an email. Also, you can avail of live chat support and discuss with experts without losing a minute. We assure you, we will resolve all Windows issues within your time and budget.



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