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Nvidia Share is a very popular tool that allows users to record and share the moments and glimpses while gaming. However, if the user does not turn it on, then a black screen error while startup for a few seconds is a common issue. Nvidia Share is a hardware accelerating screen recording application. It records in-game videos present in the GeForce Experience application. Users report getting an error message ” Nvidia share is not responding.” The error came to spotlight after the latest update of Windows 10.  However, some easy tricks will definitely solve this error.

The primary cause of being so popular is its flexibility and multiple recording features that it provides. But having such exceptional features do not make it free of errors. An easy way to fix such an issue is to turn the Nvidia Share off. But there other several workarounds to fix such situations before proceeding with any solutions. If you face any other effects on Nvidia, then contact the Support Number team immediately.


Nvidia Share Is Not Responding


Smart Fixes To Resolve Nvidia Share Is Not Responding

There are basically five steps that can solve your Nvidia GPU related problems. We suggest you follow the below process properly. One wrong step can cause more harm to your PC and the Nvidia.


Solution 1: Switch To Default Theme

The first and foremost step to fix Nvidia Share is not responding or the Nvidia Share not responding on startup is to switch to the default theme of your PC. But as per expert suggestions, it is better to change the Aero theme. As soon as you change the theme, you will find that the problems still exist, but only for a few seconds. So to change the theme, follow some of the steps below:

  • Open the PC and right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Personalize. At the left side of the window, you will find a navigation pane. Using the navigation pane open the themes and the theme settings.
  • Now, you will get a variety of options under “Windows Default Themes”. Choose a theme as per your wish. When done switching to the default theme, restart your PC and check whether you are still finding any problem.


Solution 2: Disabling Instant Replay

One of the most advanced features that Nvidia Share has is the Instant Replay option. It continually records in-game actions. One can press the hotkey if something cool happens. One can easily stop this by navigating to the Nvidia Share settings and turn it Off.

Make sure that you are aware of the fact that the recording and the instant replay are two different features. Basically, the Instant Replay tapes the gameplay along with disregarding the files that are more than a minute. Coming to the part of the recording, it only starts and stops when done manually.


Solution 3: Downgrading GeForce Experience Application

If the above process does not work, then you can also try to downgrade the version of the GeForce Experience application. The version 3.0 of GeForce is known to cause different problems and bugs that often users report facing. However, this process is most applicable when one wants to settle application unresponsive problems by not disabling the Share option.

Stop and uninstall the GeForce Experience application. Download the previous stable version and install it and check for results.


Solution 4: Updating GeForce Experience And Drivers

You can update the graphics driver if the above steps do not work for you. Often it is seen that the configuration of the graphics driver is outdated or not up to the requirements. So to change this one needs to delete the driver files completely. To remove the driver use the Driver Uninstaller. So to update the GeForce Experiences and Drivers follow the following steps.

Start your PC in safe mode and launch the uninstaller. Now Find out and choose the option “Clean And Restart.” Once the process starts, the app will automatically remove the driver. Now, launch the application and restart the computer in the normal mode. Now download the latest driver by opening the Drivers tab. Once updated, restart the PC and find out whether the problem is eradicated.


Solution 5: Disabling Nvidia  Share

You can also work out the problem of disabling the Nvidia Share. Remember that once you turn it off, you will lose the functionality of Nvidia Share. But no worry as you can turn on it as per your need and desire.


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