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Galaxy S5 is no doubt among the biggest initiations for Samsung devices. It comes with multiple new features which include Google’s latest Material Design. Apart from the design modifications, Galaxy S5 surprises the users with performance improvement as well. But no matter how powerful a device is, users can still encounter some errors. One of them includes Galaxy S5 overheating.

However, you can troubleshoot the problem on your own without so much of effort. Many users come up with complain about Samsung overheating. Thus, in this article, we have come along with some of the most useful fixes to resolve the overheating issue with ease. First, make sure that you are aware of the factors that can influence such problem in your device. So, have a look at the most apparent causes for the overheating issue.

Galaxy S5 Overheating

Apparent Reasons For Samsung Galaxy S5 Overheating

Though multiple factors can be at fault for the overheating issue in your Samsung Galaxy S5, we are showing some of the most prominent ones. So, before stepping to the troubleshooting procedures, let’s pull them all out.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 may overheat if you try to charge your device when the temperature of the area is quite high.
  • Also, if you don’t use the original parts of your device, especially your battery, then it can lead to overheating.
  • Another reason includes the screen brightness. If you set the brightness level too high, it may end up presenting you overheating issue.
  • Apart from that, the location services drain more battery and can too cause overheating in your Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Besides, the Sync Settings can possibly assist in overheating your device.
  • Also, if you use GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth continuously, then your phone will overheat.
  • Another reason includes the battery draining applications in your device. Some specific software installed on your phone may be the cause of overheating.


Accurate Fixes Of Galaxy S5 Overheating

There are multiple approaches to resolve your phone’s overheating issue, not all of them are equally effective. Thus, in this article, we have provided you with the utmost solutions that will help to stop overheating your phone quickly. So, we recommend you to follow the instructions given right below.


Method 1: Charge Your Phone In A Cool Area

It is really important to charge your device in a standard temperature. Though this may appear as a petty thing to focus on, this could lead to overheating. Therefore, you should find a place with normal temperature to charge your Samsung Galaxy S5.


Method 2: Use The Original Parts

Further, avoid buying the inferior quality parts for your device, especially the battery. If you don’t use the original battery, your phone may undergo a number of issues. The inferior quality battery triggers the overheating problems which may eventually result in causing terrible damage to your phone. So, you should always use the original parts of your device to avoid such issues.


Method 3: Check Your Screen Brightness

If you set your screen brightness too high, your phone will discharge battery really fast, and you may come across Galaxy S5 overheating issue. Therefore, you should always set your screen brightness to an optimum level. Hopefully, this will help you to avoid overheating.


Method 4: Limit Location Sevices

GPS location service is among the essential specifications on Samsung Galaxy S5. It not only makes use of the location service for Google Maps in your device but several other applications too. So, you should turn off this feature when you are not using it or modify the settings by following the steps right below:

  1. First, go to the Settings and click on Location.
  2. Then, select your Preferred Mode.
  3. Next, you need to go to the Battery Saving Mode that uses less amount of battery in your device and click on Device Only.


Method 5: Modify Your Sync Settings

Sync Settings are designed to send push notification on your phone which you can modify according to your requirements. Also, you can use this feature to diminish battery consumption and resolve the overheating problem. Users can choose to disable this feature that blocks specific software update notifications while you can still leave the required ones allowed, such as email delivery.


Method 6: Activate Battery Saving Mode

The Battery Saving Mode is one of the best advantages of Galaxy S5. Normally, you have numbers of software running on your phone, and you do not need them regularly. So, you should Activate Power Saving Mode to stop the unused applications in the background which drains a massive amount of battery. Besides, you should avoid playing high graphics games in your Samsung Galaxy S5.


Method 7: Avoid Using GPS, WiFi, And Bluetooth

Lastly, you should avoid turning on GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth in your device at the same time. Many people turn on all these features together which consumes a considerable amount of the CPU usage and ends up overheating your device.

Moreover, try all these fixes to resolve the Galaxy S5 overheating issue. Also, if you get stuck while performing these methods, you can contact Support Numbers for the exclusive tech assistance.


Resolve The Galaxy S5 Overheating Problem With

Professional Services

Troubleshooting overheating issue can be difficult as well as risky at times. In case, all the above solutions fail to fix the problem, you can avail of expert solutions. Accordingly, there are different methods to eliminate the overheating problem, but not all of them are equally powerful. Hence, you can opt for services from Support Numbers and get the suitable solutions as per the requirement. We provide our customers with high-quality services, and because of that, countless people rely on us.

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