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Smartphones these days come with great cameras and there are a lot of different things that you can do with them. Starting from clicking great pictures to recording high definition videos, you can do all of that. And because of the good quality cameras and high-speed internet connections. Now, you can start video calls with other people and record that as well. An iPhone is specifically good for that purpose and in this article, you’ll find out how you can record facetime on iPhone.

Although the given instructions would be enough to show you how to record facetime on iPhone. However still, if there is some reason for which you are not quite sure how to do it and want help from an expert for that, you can get that as well from here.


Record Facetime On iPhone: The Step By Step Process

The telephone, ever since Alexander G. Bell had invented, it has caught on and become so much popular worldwide. Doesn’t matter where you are from in this world. You can use the telephone to have audio communication with your friends or family or whoever you want to. All you’ll need is the contact number.

record facetime on iphone


This has gotten better and better over the years with the spread of the telephone networks. But in this day and age with the power of the internet, you can do much more than just a phone call. You can hear and see them at the same time.

That is what is called Facetime, where you’ll be able to see the person you’re talking to. The iPhone is a good device for this purpose. With the state of the art camera technology and robust internet connectivity, iPhones give the best facetime performances.

Further, if you and the person you’re starting the video call with, both agree. You can record it for any kind of usage purpose, agreed upon. In the upcoming section, you’ll find out how to record facetime on iPhone.

The Process

There is a record button for recording the facetime, but in case it is not working. Here is the list of instructions that you’re going to need to record facetime on iPhone. Carry them out in the given order.

record facetime video on iPhone

  1. Firstly, connect your iOS device using a USB to Lightning cable with your MAC computer.
  2. Open the Home screen of the device and keep it unlocked.
  3. Then, start the QuickTime app.
  4. From the QuickTime app, open up File and from there and then, open New Movie Recording.
  5. There will come a window, navigate your way to find the option for your iOS device. Select it.
  6. You’ll find a red colored button after that, which you can click to start the video call.
  7. After you hang up on the video call, just click on the same red button to put an end to the recording process.
  8. When all that is done, you’ll need to save it. Visit the File option and within it, click on Save.

This way, the video call that you had will be recorded. And you’ll have the file after that.


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