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You decided on buying a smartwatch and all you could think of was Moto 360. But You have heard that Moto 360 battery drain faster than you expected. This has been the basic problem with almost half of the users. Resolving this issue may not be that easy for you if you are not a tech-savvy person.

In that case, we are going to discuss all the secrets to help you with Moto 360 issues. With the first launch in 2014, this smartwatch gave a tough competition in the market. However, soon enough the reported problem of Moto 360 battery drain spread, and we stepped in to help.

Causes Behind Moto 360 Battery Drain Issue

Poor battery life is one of the main reasons for this Android Wear that has disappointed so many consumers. There can be many reasons behind the rapid draining of the potential battery life. If you have such issues and your smartwatch can’t last throughout the day then you might be having some unwanted application open alongside.

Moto 360 battery drain

Possible Solutions you can try

  • You definitely want to try some reliable solutions to fix Moto 360 battery drain problem. Our research team have found out some of the surprising workarounds which can help you fix this issues.
  • On that note, you should reset your smartwatch because that’s one thing which can be very helpful. To get started with the process you will first have to fully charge your watch. Now, uninstall all the Android Wear apps to clear the storage. After finishing up with the uninstallation, wait for sometime and update all the apps again.
  • Even though, the procedure is not complicated at all. But it still can create some errors, then you can get connected with our technical team for further assistance.  Our reliable support experts are available 24/7 to resolve issues. It’s always better to take an experts help to resolve if your moto 360 battery dies fast.

Other Reported Moto 360 problems

If you think that you are unfortunate of your Moto 360 battery drain, then rejoice because there are so consumers who face far more issues than you do.  It’s disturbing and annoying when your newly purchased smartwatch creates such unexpected issues. Here are some of the other issues that we were reported by consumers globally.

  • Regular Image Retention

You very well know that’s just not possible because you purchased your smartwatch recently. But, you do face such issue after charging your phone overnight. This problem can be coming your way.

  • Pixels Stuck unwantedly

You don’t really have a set timing when your pixels might get stuck in the middle of the screen. You want to scroll smoothly, but the pixels are just stuck somewhere. In that case, remember our customer support offer all of these solutions in a jiffy.

  • Screen Frozen Issues

This can be an interconnected issue. Just after you face the pixel problem, expect the frozen screen issues to be around the corner. Yes, we can troubleshoot all such issues accurately.

Connect for Reliable Support

You are suggested to get in touch with our Moto Customer support Number +1-855-789-0314 if your Moto 360 battery drain issues are unbearable. We are available 24/7 for your support. Dial our tech help number for additional information.

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