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Printers are the most important thing in our daily life. It is widely used in the business field, office sectors, and houses. Other than printing images, documents, and many other things, a printer can also send faxes, make copies and scan documents. Moreover, scanning is one of the essential parts of a printer. But HP users often face problems with their printers.  When the user tries to scan any image or any documents some time the device shows an error message saying “HP printer won’t scan.” This is one of the most common problems with HP printers.


hp printer won't scan windows 10


HP Printer Won’t Scan Windows 10: Causes Behind The


HP printers are widely used all over the world. Many users like this printer for its excellent printing quality and many advanced features. But every good product has some negative side. There are many technical glitches that occur with the HP printers. HP printer won’t scan one of them.


hp printer won't scan to computer


Whenever we are talking about a particular error message, there is always a reason behind that, and so is for HP printer won’t scan problem. Before going to the solution part, it’s better to know its causes. Main reasons behind this issue are:

  • Sometimes the documents or the images which you are trying to scan is not compatible with the device. Due to this, you can face the HP printer won’t scan problem.
  • The driver of any device is the most important thing which helps the machine to work properly. If the driver of the printer gets outdated, this scanning issues might occur.
  • Malware can be a reason behind this HP printer won’t scan problem. When you connect your printer with a malware or virus affected device, it damages the internal files related to scanning. That’s why the printer can’t scan anything properly and show this error message.


Ways To Fix HP Printer Won’t Scan To Computer


If you are dealing with this scanning problem in your HP printer then just go through this article. It will lead you to solve the error right away.


Restart The System

To solve any kind of printer error this is the most common and easy way. Just turn off your computer and printer respectively. Then, check that there is no surge connection between the printer and computer. Thereafter, turn on the devices and try to scan anything to check whether the issue is resolved.


Update The Drivers

At times, outdated drivers of the system cause problems. So, it is important to update the drivers. Thus, check for the available updates and try to install the latest driver.


Enable The Antivirus And Firewall

When you connect your printer with malware or virus affected system, it creates problems. It prevents the printer to scan anything from outside. If your problem is related to the malware and virus, then just install any premium antivirus application and scan your whole device to eliminate those.


Fix The Digital Image Monitor

To scan anything with the help of the HP printer, DIM is the most important factor. If the DIM (Digital Image Monitor) file stops working then this kind of problem might occur in the system. So, just switch it on and check whether the issue still exists.


Get Efficient Professional Services To Fix The Issue In


After going through the whole article and following the steps, if you are unable to solve the scanning problem from your system, then don’t worry. You can take help from Support Numbers. Our experts are always ready to help with their immense knowledge of technology.

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