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June 28, 2018
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June 28, 2018

Hewlett Packard, shortened as HP is an American multinational company which deals with information technology. It is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Due to its amazing product quality, it is accepted as the brand for electronic devices across the globe. It deals with various hardware and software components. While purchasing a laptop, users can easily rely on HP. Charging is an important step in sustaining a laptop. Without proper charging, users are unable to use their laptop when there is a power failure.  Are you unable to eliminate HP laptop plugged in not charging problem? Unable to detect the cause? Do not panic.  Get exclusive help by contacting our team of professionals.

Irrespective of the problem’s cause, users should attend to charging issues as soon as possible. Our executives are acquainted with the frequent charging issues faced by users. Hence, users can easily rely on us.


Symptoms For HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging Issue

Our team understands the importance of charging in your life. Hence, if you are facing HP laptop plugged in not charging issue, it is always wise to take our advice. Go through the following symptoms list:

  • In case users are unable to charge their laptop’s battery
  • In case your adapter is unable to power on your laptops
  • In case the LED is not turning on
  • In case you are getting  continuous error messages regarding the detection of AC adapter


The probable causes: HP laptop is plugged in but not charging

  • Problem due to clogged laptop ports
  • Problem due to a loose connection of your charger
  • Issues due to sudden electrical surge and voltage up down
  • Issues due to charger damage
  • Issues due to expired battery life
  • Issues due to damage in charging circuits and problem in the battery sensors
  • A malfunction in several internal parts might cause your laptop port to be dysfunctional

All these issues deprive you of charging your laptops when you need it the most. After taking care of the following parameters, if you are still facing Hp laptop plugged in not charging Windows 10, connect with our technical engineers for best solutions.

hp laptop plugged in not charging


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In case you are planning to go to a service center for eliminating charging issues, we recommend you not to as it can cost you more bucks. Our team provides you with the best support if you are budget conscious. We resolve all the charging problems within 24 hours of your complaint. You can interact with our experts through live chat sessions, messages, and emails.


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Adapters are essential for charging laptops when the battery has depleted. In case you notice that laptop battery is not charging hp 4430 when plugged in windows 10, it can frustrate you to a great extent.  Your solutions are just a call away. Reaching our executives is the best decision as we provide you with appropriate support solutions at an affordable rate.

Our experts are available at our toll-free HP support number +1-855-789-0314 24*7. You can reach this number from any part of the world. Drop an email about any additional queries regarding charging issues. We will respond to your doubts within a short time span.

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