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NVIDIA surround is useful for the gamers as they can combine more than one display together to boost up their gaming experience. Users have complained that while playing a game, they get a blue screen which indicates that your system has crashed. This when you need to disable Nvidia Surround. But how to disable Nvidia Surround?

Many people ignore this error and tend to land up in something more troublesome. Moreover, Nvidia Surround intends to elevate your gaming experience. So you can get in touch with us for alternative solutions. We will fix your problem without erasing this software from your system.

However, this blog will let you know how to disable NVIDIA Surround. We are providing a few easy fixes to you. But in case, if you find any difficulty while approaching the methods, then do not hesitate to make a call to our toll-free number.


How to Disable NVIDIA Surround

NVIDIA surround won’t disable? Why don’t you try the solutions below

  • You have to disable the SLI(Scalable Link Interface). For NVIDIA version 353.62, it is necessary to disable the SLI in order to overcome the difficulties with the NVIDIA driver. You need to open the NVIDIA control panel and locate the SLI setting option. To configure the SLI, you have to right-click on it.  If you are unable to disable the SLI, then contact us first.
  • Disable directly the NVIDIA surround if the step 1 does not work. Though it will affect your gaming experience, this is the ultimate solution. You have to open the NVIDIA control panel again to locate the settings of the Windows 10 NVIDIA Surround. You need to uncheck the option Span displays with Surround. Later, Click on the apply option.
  • Uninstall the NVIDIA drivers. Sometimes, it is necessary to uninstall NVIDIA drivers so that the Windows can update its own driver. This is how you will be able to disable NVIDIA surround successfully.

If these methods don’t bring any changes to your system and fail to solve the issue, then contact us. Also, if you are unable to perform the steps properly, we are here to help you out.


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How To Disable NVIDIA Surround? Get In Touch With Us

Our tech support engineers are available round the clock to assist you with the proper methods. If you fail to approach the steps, then contact us at our NVIDIA Customer Support Number: +1-855-789-0314. We also provide you with multi-channel contact facilities. You can connect with our Live Chat Service Portal to get instant suggestions or mail us for a quick response. Besides how to disable Nvidia Surround, we’ll also help you with other Nvidia Surround issues and queries.

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