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Dell laptop users often get frustrated with the odd crackling noise each time they play music. However, you can apply a temporary solution which is plugging a headphone and removing it instantly. It will allow the speaker to perform in a good condition. But once you restart your laptop, you face the same issue again. Dell laptop speaker crackling can be caused by defective audio device settings, outdated driver or hardware glitches. If you want to get rid of this issue, then you have to fix it through tried and tested solutions. But it is somehow very tricky and impossible for you if you are not a tech expert. To guide you through every possible solution, our Dell laptop tech support team is available round the clock. Contact us on our toll-free number whenever you need any solution.

Dell Laptop Speaker Crackling

How To Detect Dell Laptop Audio Crackling?

Firstly, check the common problems with your Dell laptop speaker. You can try using ‘Playing Audio’ troubleshooter. It lets you know about the problems with the volume settings, audio driver, the speaker or the headphone. Follow these few steps to run Troubleshooter:

  1. In the Windows Control Panel, you can see the Troubleshooting option.
  2. In the search box, type Playing Audio.
  3. Click on Playing Audio to run the Troubleshooter.


Crackling Speaker On Dell Laptop- Some Easy Fixes

Never mess up with such problems. There are some easy and quick solutions you can follow:

  • Update driver: Firstly, try to update the driver. In case of audio crackling and popping, update the Bios, videos, and sound card drivers. It’s necessary to update the drivers since a lot of components are connected in some way.

To update the driver manually, go to the manufacturer’s site and start searching the recent driver. Make sure you are looking for a driver that is compatible with your Dell laptop.

  • Hardware setting: It is worth checking a cable connection. You should make sure that the cable connection is not loose. Otherwise, it would create sound problems.
  • DPC latency checker: It is the useful tool to monitor your laptop’s performance. It will help you to figure out the reason behind the generation of audio problem.
  • Turn off Real-Time Software: In such cases, you should disable any Real Time software such as Real-Time Antivirus software or Real-Time Hardware monitoring software.
  • Use different audio port: The easiest solution is, you can try using different ports into which you can plug your speaker.
  • Disconnect external devices: Sometimes, it is seen that while using external mouse or keyboard, the system fails to operate appropriately. If no solutions work at all, then try disconnecting the external mouse and keyboard.


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