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Avast is one of the largest offline and online security providers of the world. Avast uses next-gen technologies to fight against virus and malware in real time. But what if your favorite game is being quarantined? Avast blocking league of legends is one such issue that needs special mention.

Our team of experts provides support to Avast users who face issues while playing League of Legends. Customers complain that after installing Avast, League of Legends is not launching anymore.

The main thing is Avast treats the LoL files as the viruses and quarantines them. You can fix this issue with ease. However, if you are not tech-savvy, be sure to give us a call. Our engineers will help you to resolve the game launch issue within minutes.

Our technical assistance team is available 24×7. So dial our Avast customer care number anytime if you find your league of legends not launching, we will reach up to you. You can enjoy League of Legends once more and we can assure you that you will not find any glitches in future after taking our services.

Avast Blocking League of Legends

Add League of Legends Files to the Exclusions List

Start by launching Avast antivirus and enabling real-time protection. You can find the Avast icon on the desktop if you installed it. If you do not find the icon click on Start.

There you will find a list of programs already installed in your device. You can find Avast on the list. Click on it and wait for the antivirus application to launch.

Now, in the quarantine section, you will find all the files that Avast treats as a virus. Delete the ones which you find irrelevant and restore those ones which you find useful.

You can probably find all the files of League of Legends in the list. Restore those files and add them to ‘Add to Exclusions’ section.

You will find some files that are generated by the game. Overwrite those files with the ones that were quarantined.


Avoid False Positives to avoid Avast blocking league of legends

Avast may receive any false positive with regards to League of Legends. However, the antivirus has not taken any step but it is blocking the game from launching.

You can Go to Settings and can add the files to the exclusions. In future, Avast will not treat your gaming files as a virus.

We recommend you to add the folder to ‘Add to Exclusion’ section. Once you are done, close Avast or may minimize the application.

Now launch League of Legends. You can be sure that the game will launch perfectly this time.


Reset your Avast Settings with No Hassle

Still got stuck with League of Legends? Do not wait anymore. Call our toll-free number to get instant assistance. Our technical expert team will respond immediately. We offer you guaranteed solutions at the cheapest price range.

Our expert team is available for your assistance 24×7. So, if you are facing any kind of issues regarding League of Legends not opening, do not hesitate to call us. Our customer care executive team will fix your gaming issue instantly.

Avast Support

Dial Our Customer Care Number to Receive Instant Assistance

Our customer service team offers support to our customers for years. Customers approach us with several Avast issues and we have a reputation to solve each query with complete accuracy. So, we have many happy customers all over the world.

Call us at our Avast Support number: +1-855-789-0314 now. You can even contact our Avast Live Chat Executive. Our customer care executives are ready to help you with Avast blocking league of legends. We are available 24×7 and so, contact us anytime to fix your issues.

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