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Dell is one of the largest and most profitable multinational company in the world, today. It was established in 1984 in the USA. It is popular throughout the world for high-quality manufacturing computers, laptops, computers accessories and electronics devices. Millions of global citizens use Dell products in their daily lives. They are one of the best available on the market, currently.

These laptops are packed with sophisticated and brilliant features and are suitable for each kind of lifestyle. Dell laptops are built for all kinds of users with a user-friendly interface. You can use these in every field of work – homes, offices or business enterprises. 

Dell laptops offer you enhanced professional performance at affordable costs, guaranteed to present the users with a unique experience. With time, however, you may encounter issues in controlling the laptop’s brightness. So if you are wondering how to adjust brightness on Dell laptop we have the perfect answers to all your questions and concerns. Call us immediately to know the quickest ways to fix the brightness level in your Dell laptop.


How to Adjust Brightness On Dell Laptop

Are you perplexed about how to adjust brightness on Dell laptop? If yes do not worry. We are there to provide the finest and most exact solutions to fix all your issues regarding how to change brightness on Dell laptop. The brightness of your laptop will vary when it is on battery mode and when it is plugged in for charging.

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There are many users who face difficulty in trying to figure out how to change brightness on Dell laptop. The causes of this problem can be many but we are able to solve each of those problems by presenting the proper solutions to fix them. Our services include –

  • We would assist you in finding the Display Properties option from your desktop to go to the Color Correction feature. There, we will show you how to change the brightness level for your machine and you can adjust it accordingly.
  • Our team of experts would help you to adjust the brightness on your device using the keyboard. They would show you how to brighten screen on Dell laptop by using the Fn, F11 and F12 keys of the laptop keyboard.
  • We would be able to guide you in changing the brightness levels on your device by using the Chromebook. There, we will show you how to handle the adjustment keys and the two gears – large and small.
  • Our services are capable of helping you out with adjusting the brightness levels according to the software on the different Operating Systems. There are different techniques for changing the brightness levels in Windows 7, 8, 10.
  • If your Dell laptop brightness won’t change, we will show you how to set up a high contrast display mode from the particular Operating Systems that you are using in your devices.
  • If you cannot understand how to brighten screen on Dell laptop, our engineers would guide you by showing how to adjust the brightness from the Power Options of your device.
  • If there are any problems with the drivers that might cause the Dell laptop brightness not working issues, we would help you in resolving all the problems with the correct solutions.

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Contact us at our Dell support for instant suggestions –

We are able to present constant band steady technical support and low-cost and affordable customer care service packages so that all kinds of customers and users can avail them. We intend to supply the most appropriate and useful solutions to all, within the shortest possible time. Our team of experts and engineers are constantly at work to seek newer and better ways to resolve all your difficulties and answer all your queries. We treat all customer issues meticulously with special importance to all details. We also deliver door to door services by sending a technician at your doorstep to help fix all your troubles and queries. If you have any difficulty in adjusting screen brightness, contact us on at Dell tech support Number: +1-855-789-0314 and we would definitely assist you.


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Our team of experts remains online and active at all times, 24×7/365 through the multiple customer service channels. We are always there to provide you with support and services whenever you require them, even beyond the usual business hours. Besides calls, you can also connect with us via messages, emails, live chats to chat with our technicians and engineers to know the quickest solutions to solve all your difficulties.

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