List Of Antivirus For Your PC With AV Software 2018

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October 10, 2018

Antivirus Software for your PC is sort of software which scans for removal of the viruses in the system. There may be various types of antivirus software or programs which will remove the existing viruses.

The primary objective is to protect the computer fro viruses. All the antivirus programs may carry both the manual and automatic scanning utilities. The software may take care of hard disc on regular basis.

It may also check the downloaded files from internet and the files created by the installers. The manual option may regularly allow checking the individual files in a regular manner.

List Of Top Sets For Antivirus Software 2018

Antivirus software may be abbreviated as AV for easiness. We can also call this anti-malware. An anti-malware software detects and removes any sort of malicious software.

Some list of antivirus is given below:

Kaspersky to all security-

All round security for Mac and PC

Detection – 100%     False Positive -0%    SE lab score 96%

Reasons for buying –Security meant for 5 devices

This antivirus is available for both Mac and PC.

This antivirus has won lots of awards for these years. It has shown performance flawlessly against the security tests. The exceptional feature in the antivirus is the password manager included.

F secure safe

Antivirus package with integrated banking protections

Specifications: Detection-100%     False positives -14    SE lab score -84%  

Reason for buying: Banking protection

This antivirus also holds award-winning capacity. It has got a safer capacity for web browsing. It can protect for safe banking. So, you can enjoy secure stable banking network when you connect to a banking site.


Symantec Norton security

Secure, fast and excellent rocking customer support

Specifications: Detection -99.5 %      False positives -3     SE Lab score-96 %   Devices -1

The antivirus has launched in the four versions. There is no basic difference between the standard and basic version. The big advantage is the great customer support.

The antivirus is guaranteed for 100%. If the antivirus software cannot make your computer free from viruses, they will return your money. This is very much lucrative on the basis of customers’ point of view.

Trend Micro Internet security

Specifications: Detection =100%        False positives -2   SE lab score-89%

Reason for buying- Social media protection, an excellent engine for detection

It holds some tools for optimizing social media with private settings. It can block the essential data like your credit card number, phone number. You can have access to your parental control over specific timings. It lacks the Password manager. Heavy discounts on this antivirus are lucrative. So, you can please keep your eyes on the price.

So, try to keep your computer virus free with help of antivirus package software. It will keep you tension free and will give relief against some odds.

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